For online education, choose local

Categories: News | Author: Lynn Whalen | Posted: 4/7/2014 | Views: 537
by Rebecca Parton, Associate Dean, Instructional Technology and Distance Education
Many busy adults consider online education as a way to enter or re-enter higher education. They often find there is a dizzying array of options to consider.

It is nearly impossible to watch television or access the Internet without seeing at least one advertisement from an ever-growing number of nationwide online education providers. These commercials and ads are well done; they feature the reasons why so many adults choose to pursue an education online. The ads highlight students’ busy lives, work and family responsibilities, and desire to advance or start a new career. The reasons for taking online courses are the same for almost every adult online student, regardless of what college they select.

It is important to point out that these national online education providers are not the only online options available to you. For most colleges, online education is continuing to become an essential part of day-to-day operations. For Lincoln Land Community College, this has been true for nearly 17 years. We are not new to the field of online education. LLCC has been providing quality online courses since our first online course was offered during the fall semester of 1997.  Since then, LLCC has had over 55,000 online enrollments and continues to grow the online program each year.

In addition to LLCC’s strong history of offering quality online education, the college has been specifically accredited to offer online courses and approved to offer 24 degrees and 18 certificates of completion in an online environment. New online courses are added to our schedule regularly to continue to provide our students with even more online learning opportunities.

Your online courses at LLCC transfer to other colleges and universities just as traditional LLCC courses do. Besides ease of course transfer, online courses at LLCC are significantly more affordable than many other online course options offered by more expensive institutions.

In addition to our accreditation, affordability, and transferability, another significant advantage of taking online courses from LLCC is the local connection to you and your community. LLCC online students receive all of the benefits and flexibility of attending college online, but also receive the significant advantages of learning from their local community college with all the support services provided to LLCC students.

LLCC online students have many options for degree or certificate completion. While many of our students choose to complete their education entirely online, many more create customized schedules utilizing a mixture of both online and face-to-face courses. These face-to-face courses can be taken on our main campus in Springfield or at one of our Educational Service Area facilities, located in Beardstown, Hillsboro, Jacksonville, Litchfield and Taylorville. By taking a blend of online courses and face-to-face courses, many students are able to complete their educational goals in a manner that best suits their busy lives. 

Online courses at LLCC provide students with a flexible and dynamic learning environment that is convenient for them, while maintaining the high quality of instruction for which LLCC is known. At LLCC, our own faculty members teach the online courses. They are local and accessible; they are part of the LLCC community. Faculty that teach online for LLCC are provided professional development opportunities specifically designed to prepare them to teach online, with a focus on teaching the online community college student.  At LLCC, our faculty members are here for our students, whether online or face-to-face.


When considering your online education options, it is important to remember that LLCC is a part of your community.  We are local, accessible, affordable, and focused on helping you succeed. To learn more about LLCC Online, visit us at