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Name:  Adam
Years Attended:  2001-2003
Current Occupation:  Civil Engineer
LLCC Experience:  While at LLCC I was involved in a variety of clubs and organizations and overall had a great experience.  The faculty and staff were all very helpful and still to this day friendly whenever I have run into them.  I also had the hnor of being recognized as the male student of the year for 2003.  As I open a new chapter of my life I have to say thank you LLCC for getting me to where I am today a licensed and professional member of the "real world".

Name:  Angela
Years Attended:  1996-1997
Current Occupation:  AVP of Strategic Accounts and Contracts Manager for the Illinois Community College Procurement Consortium for the Illinois Community College System Foundation
LLCC Experience:  Single mom on welfare returning to school. The family atmosphere and level of support at LLCC helped me gain confidence in myself and set the bar high. I am honored to be able to be back working with the community colleges via ICCSF esp. getting to  work with Sylvia Stemmons and her staff in purchasing.

Name:  Angie
Years Attended:  1995-1996
Current Occupation:  Realtor with Aspen Real Estate Company
LLCC Experience:  Very good experience at LLCC.  At age 15, I started taking summer classes while still in high school.  After high school graduation, I started at the U of I in Champaign but came back to LLCC after one semester because most of my high school friends chose LLCC.  I also  worked at the bookstore for a few summers.

Name:  Audry
Years Attended:  2002-2004
Current Occupation:  Student, Illinois College
LLCC Experience:  I loved it.  I think I would have to say it was 2 of the greatest years of my life.  I played softball for Jim Davis which was also another great experience al on its own!

Name:  Charles
Years Attended:  1969-1970
Current Occupation:  Retired June 2006 Dean College of Education Eastern Illinois University Previous Superintendent of Schools HS Principal Teacher
LLCC Experience:  LLCC provide an excellent opportunity for me exactly what I needed at that time.

Name:  Dave
Years Attended:  1982-1985 and 1990-1992
Current Occupation:  State Employee
LLCC Experience:  Great.  LLCC gave me direction and allowed me to reach my potential.  I think very highly of LLCC.  As a matter a fact my wife just completed the COTA program and now is in a new career.

Name:  Debi
Years Attended:  2002-2005
Current Occupation:  Full time student at UIS
LLCC Experience:  It was the stepping stone to my future.  I not only received my AAS degrees but learned how to stand tall and be heard.  LLCC was my path to a bigger and brighter future.

Name:  Doug
Years Attended:  1993-1996
Current Occupation:  Transportation manager for a foodservice business
LLCC Experience:  My time at LLCC was a wonderful experience. I never thought I could achieve what I have achieved until I went to LLCC. My only regret was waiting so long after school before attending LLCC.

Name:  Jana
Years Attended:  2003-2005
Current Occupation:  Full-time student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale
LLCC Experience:  I had a positive experience at LLCC and I feel like I was well prepared to enter a four-year university.

Name:  Jodie
Years Attended:  1995-1997
Current Occupation:  3 years into PhD at the University of British Columbia
LLCC Experience:  A great spring-board for my career.  LLCC was small enough to allow me personal connections with the faculty but large enough to give me the momentum to go further in my academic career.

Name:  Joel
Years Attended:  1982-1984
Current Occupation:  U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration Office of Program Planning, Evaluation, and Management Chief, Division of Strategic Planning
LLCC Experience:  LLCC provided an excellent start to my higher education experience.  I found the classes and professors extremely challenging.  They prepared me well for my studies at SIUC.  I think of my LLCC days fondly.  I also played baseball at LLCC from 1982-84.  I recall LLCC celebrating their 15th anniversary when I was attending school.  Hard to believe it is now LLCC's 40th anniversary.

Name:  Judy
Years Attended:  1971-1973
Current Occupation:  Systems Analyst at HSHS
LLCC Experience:  Vice-President and President of Student Senate 1972-73. During my time at LLCC, I was a part of President's Advisory Council Academic Standards Committee and Social Committee.

Name:  Julie
Years Attended:  2005-2006
Current Occupation:  Moved to UK to attend Brunel University in London. Will be starting a BS course in Occupational Therapy in September 2007
LLCC Experience:  I had an excellent experience at LLCC. All of my instructors made themselves available, were enthusiastic about their subject and were very supportive. I couldn't better the experience. Having been out of full time education for over 20 years my experience at LLCC has given me the confidence to continue my education.

Name:  Lisa
Years Attended:  1993-2000
Current Occupation:  Administrative Assistant for the Mayor and City Administrator
LLCC Experience:  As a working parent, I was able to attend part-time.  I was pleased to get my degree by attending the Litchfield and Hillsboro centers and thankful that I did not have to drive to Springfield.  The teachers were very good and I would recommend LLCC to anyone. A few years later I earned a Bachelor's degree in an accelerated program from an area college and came back to LLCC to take two required classes.

Name:  Marc
Years Attended:  2003-2005
Current Occupation:  Student
LLCC Experience:  I can actually say it was the best time of my life.  I wrote for the student paper and was published in both the Harvester and The Pumpkin Seed.  I tried to be active in PTK and even got to be a commencement speaker.  I was very prepared for UIS and the things beyond.  Best decision I ever made.

Name:  Mary
Years Attended:  2001-2003
Current Occupation:  Mainframe Database Programmer, State of Illinois Department of Human Services
LLCC Experience:  I credit the faculty at LLCC for my advancement.  Most of my core-courses were led by instructors with real field experience. Carmen Allen was the most influential instructor/coach on my vocational journey.  I stepped foot at LLCC with the intention of earning a certificate in a computer-related field.  From there, one educational/career goal led to another.

Name:  Natalie
Years Attended:  2004-2006
Current Occupation:  Transfer Student
LLCC Experience:  My experience at Lincoln Land and all of the amazing faculty, staff, administration and Board of Trustees hold a special place in my heart. I cannot put into words how much LLCC means to me. I am a better person today because of the many people I met, the education I  received and the experiences I gained while at Lincoln Land.

Name:  William
Years Attended:  2003-2005
Current Occupation:  College Student
LLCC Experience:  Very good school. The advisors and staff were great. The transfer to WIU was very smooth. I enjoyed my classes at LLCC.

Name:  William (Bill)
Years Attended:  1968-1969
Current Occupation:  Tech Prep Coordinator
LLCC Experience:  I enrolled at LLCC in the Fall of 1968 and was in the first graduating class in June 1970.  It was the most rewarding and wisest decision in my life.

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