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The Systems Portfolio in AQIP

The college's Systems Portfolio explicates each of the major systems employed at LLCC to accomplish our mission and objectives. In creating a Systems Portfolio for LLCC, the institution answered specific questions for each of the nine AQIP Categories. For each system, the questions detail processes, results, and improvements at the college.

Drafting LLCC's initial Systems Portfolio began during the fall of 2010. To accomplish this, teams with broad faculty and staff representation were created for each Category. A member of the AQIP steering team led the research and drafting of each Category. The college's initial Systems Portfolio was submitted to the Higher Learning Commission in June of 2013.

6 AQIP Categories

1. Helping Students Learning

2. Meeting Student and Other Stakeholder Needs

3. Valuing Employees

4. Planning and Leading

5. Knowledge Management and Resource Stewardship

6. Quality Overview

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