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LLCC Academic Quality Improvement Program
Steering Team

Steering Team

The mission of the AQIP steering team includes:

  • Promoting the AQIP process;
  • Supporting continuous quality improvement activities and processes;
  • Encouraging broad college participation;
  • Providing on-going encouragement, leadership, and structure to the action project teams;
  • Informing the college and stakeholders of the activities and outcomes of AQIP processes.

The AQIP steering team guides the college's Academic Quality Improvement Program. Duties include:
A. Project Management

  • Establish timelines and deadlines
  • Manage the action project selection process
  • Oversee action project teams
  • Advise action project teams
  • Advocate for AQIP and action project

B. Manage and coordiante the communication process

  • Create, manage, and update website with AQIP documentation
  • Interface with external opportunities related to AQIP

C. Oversee AQIP documentation

  • Request funding for quality initiatives
  • Oversee completion of the systems portfolio
  • Coordinate and complete annual update reports for action projects
  • Coordinate systems portfolio appraisal for the college
  • Coordinate quality checkup
  • Coordinate strategy forum attendance
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