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Student Information

School Policies

  • Attendance Policy

    Students are expected to attend class regularly, and shall notify their instructor(s) when they are unable to attend class. The instructor may establish class attendance as an achievement standard. (Board Policy 4.12)

    It is the student's responsibility to obtain assignments and content missed when a class is not attended. When students are unable to attend class for an extended period of time, they shall notify the appropriate instructor(s) and Advising and Counseling. In cases where it creates an undue hardship on a student to contact all instructors, the director of Advising and Counseling or designee shall contact his/her instructors.

  • Participation Policy

    You need to be in class in order to learn. Your participation grade reflects your involvement with the class and instructor. You must be on time, as the lectures, critiques and demonstrations begin as soon as class starts. Information will not be repeated for your benefit if you are late. Your progress will be continually assessed through observation of your skills while you work. Class attendance and participation in class critiques will be recorded and will represent a percentage of your final grade to be determined by your professor.

    If you are late, you may be denied access to the classroom if the professor determines the interruption to be disruptive to the learning of the other students.

    If you attend only a portion of the class (i.e. you skip out early) you may be counted absent.

    If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed! Do not expect your professor to repeat a lecture/demonstration that you missed.

  • Studio Practice Policy

    Artists often work in cooperative studio settings. Therefore, good studio practices are vital to the smooth operation of any shared work environment. You are expected to demonstrate good studio practices, such as cleaning up after yourself, not disturbing the work of others, and respecting the people, equipment, tools and work in the studio. You must also abide by the “Studio Rules” established by your professor. Violations of these rules will lower your grade in the class – and may result in further disciplinary actions up to and including removal from the course.

  • Time Management Policy

    Studio classes meet 6 hours per week during the Fall and Spring semesters. Students are expected to work an additional 3 hours each week outside of class for each studio class in which they are enrolled. You are strongly advised to NOT take more than 3 studio courses in one semester. During the summer semesters, the hours required both in and out of class are doubled.


Art Club

The purpose of the club is to function as a group to share a love of the arts, and encourage participation in the arts and the community to the enrichment of all.

LLCC Art Club

For More Information Please Contact:
Al Shull
786 - 2321

Ceramics Club

The Ceramics Club is intended to be a forum for LLCC students with an interest in ceramics. Through club activities, members are provided extra-curricular opportunities to share and explore their interests.

For More Information, Contact:

Advisor: Michelle Coakes
Office: M-2282
Phone: 786-4968

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