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Erica Duffy


Erica Duffy

Communication is the process of expressing an idea by the use of words, sounds, gestures, and body movement. We translate these words and actions to make meaning. However, the meaning of words and actions is not concrete; it is dependant upon history and culture, the context in which the words and actions are used, and our past experiences. Communication is not a process of transporting ideas, but rather transforming them.

Each individual constructs meaning through the experiences had throughout his or her life. The differences in our experiences and the way these shape our interpretation of the world around us can lead to miscommunication. This could be as simple as misunderstanding what a person is trying to say through the words they use. There may also be a gap in our experience, which does not provide us with a frame of reference for reacting to a new experience. When we stare at a disfigured body, speak more loudly to the person who is blind, or mimic the person who stutters, it is not the body or the blindness or the speech that is the disruption to communication, but our perception of its deviance from our construct of knowledge.

The psychological space between two interacting people is difficult to describe, yet it is an active zone in which meaning is transformed, interpreted, and made. The phenomena that disrupt communication are even harder to identify. It is these phenomena that I give visual and concrete form as objects relating to the body

Artist's Statement

Erica Duffy - Mouth Stills
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