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Timmy Valentine


Timmy Valentine

Timmy Valentine is an artist and illustrator living and working in Sullivan, Illinois. As well as being a prominent Sullivan businessman as the co-owner of a popular inn, Timmy has been instrumental in helping to revitalize the arts in downtown Sullivan. He is the creator of a volunteer program teaching art to people living with disabilities. His other titles include Curator of the Second Act Gallery and the Vice President of the Sullivan Area Arts Organization. Both these organizations have as their core values the belief that promoting the skills of local craftspeople and artisans will hold as much weight as attracting big industry to the area.

About his painting he says, “it is immediate and thought provoking, colorful and witty”. Timmy adds, “he is inspired by his rural surroundings, and his colorful friends both real and imagined.” Timmy’s expressive, folk-art inspired paintings riot with color and a personal iconography

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Timmy Valentine - Falling from my Window
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