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Adam Perschbacher


Adam Perschbacher

A native of Pawnee, Adam graduated in 2005 with an Associate in Fine Arts from LLCC. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Adam is very active in the local art scene, participating in both First Fridays of Jacksonville and Springfield. He is also a member of the Prairie Art Alliance.

Perschbacher asserts his fascination with minimalist art is quite possibly derived from personal frustrations and desperate overthinking of every decision he’s ever made. He believes the perspective he has gained from living in a small community for 26 years has gifted him a sense of irony about reaching too far for his own good.

Of his exhibit, Perschbacher states, “The art began with taped edges and house paint. Compositions were sparse and cool. Canvases were constructed to very intentional proportions that inhibited the rectangular picture plane, creating an unconventional, impossible shape. The works existed as paintings, but were rather self-aware and quite literal. An ironic moniker was given to the works to individualize them amongst a sea of easily defined methods and mediums. Object seemed quite obvious and simple, and rather evocative of the intended sterility. There was little need for further definition, as little more could be derived from the cold, geometric configurations upon the canvas. They were disciplined and spacious, but also very focused upon minimal sublimation. To grasp them, one only need glance, and the work has succeeded, the deftness of immediacy. However, after an initial flurry of fifteen objects, the concept demanded further exploration, as the limitations of the four-sided canvas quickly became evident.”

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Adam Perschbacher
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