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Alida Duff Sullivan


Alida Duff Sullivan

Ms. Sullivan currently teaches photography at Richland Community College. She received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the prestigious Millikin University. Her teaching background also includes drawing and graphic design. Currently, her work centers on photographic images that are a representation of nature. She takes these key images and roots them in the painterly style of abstract expressionism, with large repetitive blocks of color and loosely defined shapes, as opposed to the crisp detail that is often valued in traditional landscape photography. Her large photographic forms function as a background to which she collages other elements such as tissue, vellum, ink, and acrylic. The compositions created are both a simplified and complex, with a focus on generalized shapes revealing detailed elements. The result is both intricate and graphic.

“Collected” is an installation of several of these images, combined and connected through literal and implied meanings. Each image functions both as an individual form and as an element of the overall installation.

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