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Erin Robert


Erin Robert

A sense of nostalgia is evident in Erin's work and it is clear that she takes a great interest in imagery from the past, particularly the decades of the 30s, 40s and 50s. She is most interested in historical shifts in society attitudes and behaviors due to external influences, such as advances in technology, and how that in turn influences the direction of marketing and logos.

Erin has often switched back and forth between painting and collage or some combination of the two. Regardless of the application of medium, the theme of bringing new life to things forgotten or disregarded is the thread linking her works together. Erin uses a variety of media to communicate her desire to celebrate commonplace items that have lost meaning or purpose. In her collages, for example, you might find used teabags, old graphic design logo transfers, wax paper, or string. Alternatively, her paintings reveal the beauty of long-forgotten signage and old logos.

While born in the Midwest, Erin grew up in a small town on the mid-Atlantic coast, where her passion for history was fueled by the ever-present reminders of colonialism. Erin studied illustration at the Delaware College of Art and Design and shortly afterward moved back to the Midwest to spend time with her extended family. Erin's work has been exhibited through the U.S. and in England. Between visits to the east coast where her immediate family still resides, she spends much of her free time renovating her house, built in 1930, which she shares with two cats.

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