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John Scarbrough


John Scarbrough

Dr. Scarbrough holds an M.A. in sociology and Ph.D. in counseling psychology and has been an administrator and teacher at LLCC for 22 years. His only formal artistic training was in classes with founding LLCC art professors George Lowry and Jack Madura. He attributes them, as well as his very creative immediate family, for informing much of his artistic style.

He admits that he watched his family create for years before he decided to join. His past works have mainly been paintings, but for this exhibit, he explores other media. The show is a multi-media installation that includes his older paintings in digitized form as well as many appropriated images from popular culture. His studies in psychology and sociology, as well as a fascination with ethnocentrism, help drive many of the images that flow from his subconscious. He says his brain produces an unending supply of images to illustrate his personal fascination and horror with the seemingly omnipotent power of politics and religion in people’s lives.

Dr. Scarbrough describes his current show as a carnival for all five of the senses, including taste and smell. He says that sometimes he feels that with current events in the world, it is like living in a fantastic, chaotic carnival: a heady mix of dazzling terror with flashes of beauty.

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