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Chris Spangler


Chris Spangler

The James S. Murray Gallery will host the paintings of Chris Spangler from September 26th to October 13th. Spangler is currently studying at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and is a former student at Lincoln Land Community College.  As a native Illinoisan and a Springfield resident Mr. Spangler has always been active in the local art scene.  He designed and painted the sign for downtown eatery, Augie’s Front Burner where he could also often be found participating in spontaneous art shows with the other young artists of Springfield.  In 2010 his painting won Best of Show at “Art in the Garden” at Lincoln Memorial Gardens. 

A prolific painter, his work tends to be contemplative and material-oriented.  Spangler can be can found, more often than not, experimenting with new media and methods of presentation.  The paintings on display at the Murray Gallery are rooted in the conventional figurative style while also playing with the idea that the formal qualities of paint may also be on equal or higher footing as the dominant subject matter.  Spangler remarks that, “Banal imagery was seen as a means to focus on formal technique without the suggestive references brought by strong subject.” 

Currently, while also concentrating on his studies, he has kept busy showing in galleries and art events around the St. Louis Metro Area.  Although he is Illinois born and bred he has also had the opportunity to travel and study throughout the United States, Europe and Africa.  The gallery will be open to the public Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm on the second floor of Menard Hall at Lincoln Land Community College.

Chris Spangler - Biography (pdf/48k)

Chris Spangler - Artist's Statement (pdf/60k)

Chris Spangler
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