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Shane Harris & Thom Whalen: Mentosha


 Shane Harris & Thom Whalen : Mentosha: I Can’t Live A Day Without It!

Mentosha: I Can’t Live A Day Without It!”, is a creative collaboration between Shane Harris, University of Illinois at Springfield art faculty, and Thom Whalen, Professor of Art at Lincoln Land Community College.

About Mentosha the two explain:

“It may very well be something that can only happen in Illinois and is possibly be heightened while eating foods that start with a ‘ch.’ It’s really hard to put your finger on a good solid definition. Mentosha is kind of like a Zen koan and at the same time like a rubber boot, and sometimes tastes like one too. You may not be expecting Mentosha but when you sense it is absolutely necessary to drop everything, but also essential to do nothing much of anything. With Mentosha you may start with a chicken in a Ferrari, but when it’s over find yourself with a four-day old hostess cupcake. It may very well be the reason for the recent popularity of non-words like “ginormous.” The one thing that we can be certain of, without one shred of doubt, is that Mentosha is NOT a Russian website for teenagers or anything that Castro might own.”

Shane says, “Don’t even bother trying to Google it.

Thom elucidates, “I once found Mentosha was easier while only wearing one sock.”

Whalen, a painter, and Harris, a sculptor, have created a visually lush experience. Captivating miniature mixed media sculptures by Harris perch on wall-mounted brackets, flanked by the pulsating colors of Whalen’s oil paintings. While each has a distinct contemporary style, their eye-catching colors and titillating organic forms could be the fraternal twins from the same stylistic mother.

Illinois Times review

Mentosha - Shane Harris - Flirt Mentosha -Straightpipe - Thom Whalen - Painting, Graphic Design
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