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John Romang


John Romang 

James S. Murray Gallery opens the year 2013 with the work of artist John Romang.  Although Romang is now located in the Lowertown Arts District of Paducah, he is originally from Illinois.  He received his BFA in painting from Eastern Illinois University in 2006 after receiving an associates in art from Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield. Besides exhibiting in solo and group shows around the country, he is also an elementary school art teacher.

His current work consists of colored resin panels floated above one another.  The distance between the panels and the swirling colors create the feel of complex cosmic space.  The gallery lighting will be dim as most of the works are lit from the inside, enhancing the illusion that the colors floating on top are on the verge of motion.  Romang admits that the resin works are a fairly new departure from his previous Pop influenced style of painting.  He prefers the personal interpretation that viewers can bring to more abstract artwork and a couple of his non-illuminated pieces play on the idea that the viewer should be the one in the conceptual driver’s seat. 

The show “Illumination” will be on display in the gallery from January 14th to February 7th.  Spring hours are Monday through Friday, 8am – 4pm.

John Romang 

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