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Population Research ProjectDave Cox 3/16/2012109.05 KBDownload
Sensitive plant researchDave Cox 3/20/2013171.72 KBDownload
Sibun River water quality monitoringDave Cox 3/20/2013428.64 KBDownload
Orchid ResearchDave Cox 3/20/201390.56 KBDownload
Orchid ResearchDave Cox 3/20/2013115.29 KBDownload
pH of the Sibun RiverDave Cox 3/20/2013161.79 KBDownload
The Thickness of Calcium Deposits and its Effects on the Snail Population in the Stream Located NearDave Cox 3/16/2012420.61 KBDownload
Vegetation Stability for Jaguar's PreyDave Cox 3/16/2012275.03 KBDownload
Water Quality at Sibun Education and Adventure LodgeDave Cox 3/20/201328.36 KBDownload
Sibun River Water testingDave Cox 3/20/20132.09 MBDownload
The Affect of Water Health on Snails in the Sibun RiverDave Cox 3/16/2012152.65 KBDownload
The Effect Common Cleansers Have Upon Bio Indicators in the Sibun River, BelizeDave Cox 3/20/20133.28 MBDownload
Cleaning ability of citrus oil.Dave Cox 3/20/2013101.28 KBDownload
Common Cleaning Agents and Their Effect Upon the Sibun RiverDave Cox 3/16/2012301.45 KBDownload
Dietary habits of BelizeansDave Cox 3/20/201384.48 KBDownload
A Study of the Pollinators in and Around Ian Andersons Caves Branch Research Station - BelizeDave Cox 3/16/2012305.53 KBDownload
BromeliadsDave Cox 3/16/2012161.73 KBDownload
BromeliadsDave Cox 3/20/2013221.14 KBDownload
Macroinvertebrates of the Sibun RiverDave Cox 3/20/201317.52 KBDownload
Mimosa pudicaDave Cox 3/20/20139.56 MBDownload
Orchid ResearchDave Cox 3/20/201394.87 KBDownload
Epiphytic BromeliadsDave Cox 3/16/2012286.41 KBDownload
Jack ass bitters as a pesticide researchDave Cox 3/20/2013183.10 KBDownload
Jack Ass bitters ResearchDave Cox 3/20/2013210.61 KBDownload