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Professor McCall

I teach literature and composition in the Department of English and Humanities, and I hold a Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies, a second Master of Arts degree in English, and a Ph.D. in English with emphases in composition theory and American literature. While I have taught a variety of courses at LLCC, in the fall semester I usually teach Composition 111, Early American Literature, and Film; in the spring semester I usually teach Composition 112, Shakespeare, and Film.

My teaching style encourages (and rewards) student participation, especially in literature courses which rely primarily on Socratic discussion of the texts under consideration. My approach to literature emphasizes the indeterminancy of texts (and language) and de-emphasizes the notion that stable and authoritative interpretations are possible. (Though it is certainly true that some interpretations are "better" or more helpful and convincing than others.)

My approach to the teaching of writing stems from a firm belief that the elements of academic writing are vitally important to both students and society and, most importantly, that these elements of academic discourse can be demystified in a way that empowers students politically, intellectually, socially, and, some would claim, financially

I expect quite a bit of my students but generally have a good time in the classroom and treat students with the respect they deserve. Check out sample syllabi on this website to see what you might expect in one of my courses.


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