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Upward Mobility Program

Upward Mobility

Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) is pleased to offer courses to assist State of Illinois employees enrolled in the Upward Mobility Program (UMP) who are targeting the Information Services Specialist Level 1 (ISS1) position. UMP assists state workers by providing “training” for employment in other job areas.  Information provided here will specifically assist those who are seeking the ISS1 position. If you are employed by the State of Illinois and wish to participate in this program you must first contact the UMP office at 1-800-442-1300.

Enrolled UMP participants are assigned UMP counselors who provide information about the ISS1 position and assist with this process. After meeting or speaking with a UMP counselor, a UMP participant must first take the ISS1 exam at the Central Management Systems (CMS) office. This determines the areas of competency the UMP participant has (or doesn’t have). As of June 13, 2005, the employment options include Applications (A), Client (C), Systems (S) and Multi (M).

The chart below identifies the required competency areas in the left column, the associated exam section, the number of exam questions for each exam section, and the proficiency score required to pass each section. All exam sections for each employment option under the right column must be passed in order to be eligible for a certificate.


ISS 1      Competency Areas Exam Section Number of Exam Questions (each worth 1 point) Total number of points needed to pass the exam The participant must meet or exceed the proficiency score in the test sections marked with an X below to achieve a certification for the following:
        Option A (Apps) Option C (Client) Option S (Systems) Option M (Multi)
Information Processing Concepts I 24 18 X X X X
Critical Thinking Skills II 24 18 X X X X
Computer Systems Concepts III 16 12 X X X X
Networks & Data Communications IV 16 12 X - X X
Application Development V 30 23 X - - X
Communication Skills VI 16 12 X X X X
End User Support VII 24 18 - X - X
System Support VIII 24 18 - - X X

If a UMP participant does not have the required number of points needed to pass an exam section for the desired option they are seeking, they can complete a course at LLCC which will educate them in a specific competency area. In the chart below, the competency area, exam section and associated course (along with pre-requisite or co-requisite courses) are listed. Shortly after the course is completed at LLCC, a UMP participant should re-test for the exam area not previously passed. 



ISS 1 Competency Areas Exam Section       Needed to pass LLCC Course Number and Description Course that must be taken before the course listed to the left
(Pre-requisite or Co-requisite)
Information Processing Concepts I CDD-120 
Systems Analysis and Design Level 1
CAS-121 Computer Systems and business Applications (Co-requisite)
Critical Thinking Skills II CPC-115 
Computer Programming Concepts
CAS-121 Computer Systems and business Applications (Co-requisite)
Computer Systems Concepts III

CAS-121 Computer Systems and business Applications 
CAS-103 Computer Concepts

None: go to for more information about this course.
Networks & Data Communications IV CNC 115 Cisco Academy Discovery I None
Application Development V

Systems Analysis


One of the following:

Cobol Level 1 



Computer Science 1

CDD-120 Co-requisite is

CAS-121 Computer Systems and Business Applications



CPC-211 Pre-requisite is

CPC-115 Computer Programming Concepts


 CSC-175 Pre-requisite is

MAT 096

Communication Skills VI COM-111 Composition 1

COM 099 Developmental English
 RDG 099 Reading/Study Techniques
appropriate placement scores

End User Support VII CTC-245 Help Desk II: User Support  CTC-150 Introduction to Help Desk
System Support VIII CTC-220 Micro Operating Systems for Tech Users

CTC-220 Pre-requisite is CNC 115 Cisco Academy Discovery 1 and either CTC 123 Microsoft Windows Operating System or CTC 125 Cisco IT Essentials 1

All of the courses offered above can be taken on-line to assist with UMP participants who live throughout Illinois. Many courses are also taught in the classroom at the Springfield, IL campus and other LLCC campuses.  Check the most current schedule for availability.

Pre-requisite or co-requisite courses are listed in the right column. Pre-requisites are required courses. Co-requisites can be waived with the permission of the instructor teaching the course listed under the “LLCC Course Number and Description” column.

UMP participants who have never taken a course at LLCC will need to first be admitted to LLCC.  Then they can register for the course.   Click here for help:

UMP participants who have previously taken a course at LLCC will only need to register for a course.   Click here for course and registration information:

Registration for these courses must take place well before the course is being offered. For example, registration for fall courses begins in May for courses starting in mid-August. Registration for spring courses begins in November for courses starting in early January. UMP participants will be taking these courses with other LLCC students, so register early to best guarantee a “seat”.

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