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Internship Purpose


Internship Purpose 

 In general, an Internship is thought of as a program which "bridges the gap" between the academic environment and a future work environment. Many employers prefer students who have previous work experience and the Internship provides that.  Students that participate in an Internship are generally more confident and more qualified when seeking future employment.

Specific Internship objectives include:

  • To provide intensive field experience allowing for hands-on computer work.

  • To receive an introduction to an organization within the Information Systems industry and to gain a better understanding of its design and structure.

  • To develop an understanding of an organization's various management and technical skills, the communications techniques and the decision-making processes.

  • To apply what was learned during coursework (theory, skill development, professionalism) to the working world.

  • To allow the organization to benefit from a trainee who has gained knowledge about the latest technologies available and to benefit from the trainee’s objective viewpoint.

  • To allow the Intern to assume responsibilities of a non-Intern staff member and be able to function with a minimum of supervision.

  • To help the student make better Information Systems career choices in the future.

  • To allow the student to prepare for their future non-Internship job by seeking potential places of employment, practicing resume and cover letter preparation, gaining references, and interviewing if applicable.  


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