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Office Requirements and Guidelines

Requirements & Guidelines

Career Development Services

Office Requirements and Guidelines

 The Office of Career Development Services recognizes that we are an educational institution and, as such, the goal of our office is to teach our students and community members the skills needed to successfully gain employment.  A list of guidelines has been established in order to best serve our clients.  Appointments are needed for resumes and mock interviews and certain times are set aside each week for these services.


Career Development staff will not write and/or type resumes for our students. A staff person will work with the individual to teach and guide them as they create the resume. However, this is a professional document so it is imperative that students come into the office with a certain skill level in grammar and keyboarding.

Students must have basic keyboarding and grammar skills.  Basic keyboarding skills include: know where letters are located on keyboard; mouse skills; tab and return; capitalization; cut, copy and paste; find and use spell check; grammar check, and thesaurus; knowledge of how to save document and send e-mail attachments.  Spelling, grammar and reading skills must be equivalent to the RDG 099 level.

Students are allowed one resume appointment.  After creating the initial resume, students may come in and create additional resumes or updates.

 Mock Interview

 Students are allowed one mock interview as a class assignment and one mock interview for a specific job with a staff member assigned to work with them

Students should dress professionally for the mock interview and bring a resume and job description with them.


 Two missed appointments or one no-show will result in students being denied further appointments for resumes, mock interviews, or career counseling.


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