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Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a program in which qualified LLCC students earn credit for paid, career-related work experience.

You can be employed on a full-time or part-time basis.

*Must meet certain requirements* --check PowerPoint below for more details


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Procedures for Cooperative Work Study Course


1. Stop in Career Development Services or e-mail Mary Beth Ray, Director of Career Development Services, to obtain co-op forms at

You will receive an application, an agreement and a student record sheet.

2. Fill out application

3. Fill out agreement stating four objectives and have your boss/supervisor at work sign this form. Objectives can be projects you take on, training you receive or new responsibility in your position. If you have already been working in this position, the objectives must be tasks that are above and beyond what you normally  do in your job. Your grade for the class is based on accomplishing these objectives. 

4. Return both forms to Mary Beth Ray in the Career Development Services Office at LLCC. These can be dropped off, emailed, or faxed to 786-2760.

5. You must register for the credits you will receive for co-op, just like any other LLCC course. However we use the self directed study form.

6. I will fill out a self directed study registration form for the co-op course, CWE 101, and leave the form in registration. When the form is ready and in registration, I will e-mail you to let you know. Then you can phone registration, tell them you are registering for co-op, and that the form is over there. Registration will know what to do.


1. To earn the full three credits, you must work 225 hours during the 16 week class session which is about 15 hours per week. 150 hours earns 2 credits and 75 hours earns 1.

2. There are no tests, papers or projects in this course. Your grade is strictly based on work performance and meeting your objectives.

3. List weekly work activities on the student record sheet throughout the semester.


1. Towards the end of the semester, evaluation forms will be mailed to your work supervisor.

2. Your supervisor will fill out the employer evaluation and you will fill out the student evaluation.

3. Return these forms, along with your student record sheet, to Mary Beth Ray by the last day of the semester.

4. Mary Beth Ray will enter a grade for the course.

Employment Hours

All Co-op experiences must fall within 37.5 hours to 225 hours of work in a semester. You can earn between .5 and 3 credit hours per semester by accumulating the following number of hours:

.5 credit hour = 37.5 hours worked

1 credit hour = 75 hours worked

2 credit hours = 150 hours worked

3 credit hours = 225 hours worked


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