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Biological Field Studies (Biology 209)

Biological Field Studies (Bio 209) is a 3 credit course taught in the hybrid format.  Lectures, quizzes and the majority of the academic components are delivered online.  The field portion of the course is taught at the Sleeping Giant Rainforest, located in Belmopan, Belize, Central America.  The educational activities in Belize will vary from year to year.  The overall educational objective of the course is for students to learn how to design and run an independent research project.  Due to logistics and resources research projects will be centered around stream and rainforest ecology. 

Additional activities will often include exploring Mayan ruins, zip lining,  hiking in the rainforest, visiting the San Ignacio iguana breeding program and much more.  Activities vary from year to year and may change due to weather and the interest of the group.  Meals will appeal to a wide diversity of palates.  Rooms will accommodate 4-6 people.

Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge

Sibun Education & Adventure Lodge

Trip Details

Now taking reservations

Projected Trip Dates: January 3 - 8, 2015

Expected Cost:  $1795.00 (depending on airfare) plus tuition or International Community Ed registration fee

Course:  Biology 209:  Biological Field Studies (3 credits)

              International Community Education (non academic)

Trip cost includes: airfare, room & board, all entrance fees and guide services while in Belize

Additional expenses:  passport, travel insurance (if desired), one dinner in San Ignacio and souvenirs / play money.

Toucan at the Belize Zoo

Keel billed toucan

Contact Information

Bio 209 is a Hybrid course.  Several components of the course will be completed online prior to the trip, some components will be completed while in Belize and the rest will be wrapped up online once we return.  There is only one face to face meeting on campus prior to the trip.  If you are interested in the adventure but do not need the academic credits please contact me and we can discuss participation through the college's International Community Education program.  Space is limited so don't wait to sign up.  For more information about the previous research projects that have been done in Belize please visit: 

Professor Cox


Sangamon Hall 2329

Activities in Belize

The following is a list of the potential activities that we will do during our visit.  Activities will vary from year to year due to the make up of the group, weather and availability of resources.  Please expect this to be a fun filled and very active type of learning experience.  We will be on the go most of the time.  Participants can expect rain, heat, humidity and the opportunity to experience things that few people have ever had the opportunity to experience.  Whether sitting on the porch bird watching or hiking through the rainforest there is always the opportunity to discover a new species or find an unexplored Mayan ruin.

Potential Activities:

  • Kayaking the Sibun River 
  • Rainforest Hikes
  • Neko's Cave
  • Belize Zoo
  • San Ignacio iguana breeding program 
  • Sibun River Stream Sampling
  • Jungle night hike
  • Mayan Ruins of Xunantunich
  • Bird watching
  • Exploration of Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Enrollment Procedure

Steps to enroll for the 2015 Belize trip:

1.  Contact Professor Cox and secure your spot with a down payment. ($300.00)

2.  Begin the academic portion of the course.  The majority of the academic portion of the course is conducted online.  Once enrolled students will have access to the online materials.

3.  Acquire a valid U.S. Passport

4.  Get ready for an adventure that must be experienced to be believed.

Make sure you secure a spot before all of the spaces are filled.  All the spaces are typically filled by mid September.

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