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Distance Education



Welcome to Distance Education at Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC). This site is designed to provide informational resources and tips to help you become a successful distance learner.


Distance learning provides students with access to education through a network of various technologies including audio, video, and computer technologies.  Currently, Lincoln Land Community College offers online courses, flex courses, hybrid courses, and select courses through videoconferencing technology.  Distance learning provides students greater flexibility in achieving their educational goals.


It might be helpful for students to understand the differences in the types of distance education courses available here at LLCC.  Course types can be differentiated through the course section designation (OE, HY, and OL).


OL:  courses are regular online (internet-based) courses that may use BlackBoard for coursework, communications, and testing.  In most cases, the entire class works through assignments on a schedule provided by the instructor.


OE:  also called flex courses, are online (internet-based) courses that may use BlackBoard for coursework, communications, and testing.  The added benefit of face-to-face assistance is available in the Computer Flex Center (Logan Hall 1140) for these courses.  Flex courses operate on a Short Semester schedule. In many cases, these courses provide the entire schedule of coursework so students can progress at a rate conducive to their learning style.


HY:  courses are part online and part face-to-face. A large amount of coursework will be completed online but there will be scheduled meeting times where the class meets face-to-face with the instructor.


Keep in mind that distance learning classes may:

      1.  take as much time as regular classes and require self-discipline

      2.  require time on campus depending on the type of course you are taking


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