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LLCC-Taylorville: Our History

Lincoln Land Community College has offered classes to the greater Christian County area for many years. These classes initially were held in community sites through the cooperation of partners like the Taylorville Public School District. Due to the community’s positive response to these offerings, LLCC officially established the Eastern Region Education Center. 

The Lincoln Land Community College Service Center in Taylorville opened in the summer of 1990. In February of 1992, the Taylorville Technical Training Center held its grand opening and offered training to many local industry partners.

In April of 1996, the Ciy of Taylorville, along with generous donations from community leaders, donated the building and area property to Lincoln Land Community College.

In July of 1996, two pre-manufactured buildings added four classrooms, allowing LLCC to substantially increase its course offerings in Taylorville. The additional classrooms were opened just in time for Fall 1996 courses. The center was officially named the Eastern Region Education Center.

LLCC-Taylorville: Our Future

Watch us grow!  A new classroom facility will replace current modular buildings. The facility will: have a total of approximately 12,500 net square feet; provide seven classrooms including a state of the art science lab.

This contemporary, appealing and aesthetically pleasing facility will enhance learning and improve the quality of the learner setting provided for LLCC students.

The strength of quality education lies in the feelings of partnership and cooperation among families, friends, neighbors, businesses and organizations. Lincoln Land Community College embodies this spirit. Together, we can educate our young people in youth enrichment classes; assist an individual struggling to secure his/her GED; help an individual secure his/her degree and promote life-long learning for the residents of our communities.

With community support and financial assistance, we will establish a new facility at Lincoln Land Community College in Taylorville.  Together we can enhance the education of our friends, families and neighbors.

As a way of saying thank you, major contributions to the new facility will be permanently recognized in the building. For further information about joining us in strengthening education at LLCC-Taylorville, contact Dee Krueger, LLCC-Taylorville Assistant Director at

LLCC Taylorville: Our Advisory Committee

Mark LeVault, Chair
Fred Ronnow, Vice Chair
Dan Austin
Mayor Greg Brotherton
Mike Brotherton
Tom Campbell
Dick Evans
Amy Hagen
Jim Hahn
Linda Irvin
Mark LeVault
Randal Miller
Toni Marucco
Mary Renner
Wayne Rosenthal*
Bernie Salisbury
Amy Stolte
BJ Wilken

*Member, LLCC Board of Trustees

LLCC Taylorville: Our Partnerships

LLCC’s Eastern Region Education Center is proud to be a partner of the greater Taylorville community through a variety of collaborative ventures.

Through LLCC-Taylorville, the college offers dual credit partnerships with several area high schools, including Nokomis, Riverton, Rochester, South Fork, Edinburg and Taylorville. Dual credit partnerships present the opportunity to junior and senior high school students to begin their higher education experience at an early stage in the learning process. Other area high schools are provided accessibility to services and educational opportunities.

In addition, LLCC-Taylorville offers Professional Accelerated Career Training (PACT), a career training program offering opportunities for students to achieve employable skills, earn college credit, and work toward the completion of a degree or certificate. Current areas of study include welding, criminal justice, office assistant, and health occupations. This program has been designed to meet the needs of high school students who desire specialized employable skills while completing high school. Students obtain a head-start toward a career by completion of a degree or certificate.

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