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Admissions:  Admissions process and services

You and your student will find all the information needed to navigate the admissions process from this site. Information is provided in multiple formats depending on your student's educational plans. Links to all admissions-related services, applicable forms and staff contact information are provided.

Placement Testing:  Services and hours

Placement testing is required for most new students in order to enhance the opportunity for academic success.  Placement testing helps determine the appropriate starting point for your student in English, mathematics and reading.  As a result of appropriate placement, your students will have a better chance of successfully completing their courses and finishing their degree or certificate.

Advising & Counseling:  Academic planning

Academic advisors are here to help your student select appropriate classes for their educational plans/needs.  Advisors provide valuable assistance for students planning to transfer, obtain an associate degree, or complete a certificate program.  Proper advising helps your son or daughter select the classes needed and assist with the many questions about academics at LLCC.  Student development professionals (counselors) are available to provide assistance with career and personal development decisions and personal counseling.  If your son or daughter is experiencing stress, time management issues, difficulties dealing with family dynamics or relationship issues, our professionals can provide valuable counseling services at no charge.

Special Needs:  Services for students with disabilities

The Special Needs Office exists to ensure that your student is provided reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations upon your student's request while enrolled in LLCC courses.  Eligibility for free academic accommodations is secured through your student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Plan implemented in high school and as a compensatory strategy assessment administered by the special needs professional.  All records and services for your student are kept confidential.  Accommodations are designed on an individual basis to not only level the academic learning field, but also to help your student understand his or her strengths and capabilities.

Tution and Fees:

Tuition Payment Plan:  Payment option


Financial Aid:

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