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Support Services & Student Activities

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Center for Academic Success: Academic Support, Accessibility Services, Tutoring

LLCC's Learning Lab consists of nine academic support services designed to help students meet their educational goals.  These services are free to currently enrolled students.  Whether your student might need a tutor, study skills assistance or help with math, science or writing, the Learning Lab offers a fresh perspective by providing individually tailored assistance to best meet students' needs.  The Learning Lab also offers assistance online with services including online tutoring, weekly study skills articles, a resources page and a variety of study skills videos on YouTube.

Career Development Services:  Career Research, Resume Writing, Mock Interviews

The mission of Career Development Services is to provide support to your student's career process.  Your student should take advantage of assistance with career exploration, deciding on a career, career counseling, resume writing, mock interviews and job shadowing.  Other services include internships and cooperative work/study placements including the Disney College Program.  Job placement assistance to current LLCC students and graduates is also available.

Student Life:  Volunteer Opportunities, Events, Student Government

Encourage your student to get involved!  Students involved in campus life are more likely to succeed academically and beyond.  Getting involved on campus allows students to meet new people, develop leadership and communication skills, build their resumes, and connect with faculty outside of the classroom.  The Student Life Office provides numerous opportunities for student involvement including student organizations, volunteer opportunities, student leadership programs and a variety of student activities and events.  The Student Life Office can also provide a formal Student Development Transcript outlining your student's involvement and achievements throughout their time at LLCC.

Confidential Counseling: Discuss Life problems interfering with academic success

Confidential counseling is available for students experiencing life problems that are interfering with their academic success.  Counseling is provided by a licensed clinical professional counselor who has over 20 years of experience. 

Honors Program:  Opportunities for academically advanced students

The LLCC Honors Program provides unique educational experiences for academically advanced students in order to challenge, educate and reward them at a level consistent with their intellectual needs and abilities.  The Honors Program emphasizes critical thinking, student interaction, in-depth reading and discussion, small classes, special study facilities and contact with other high-ability students.

Child Development Center:  Serving children ages two through five

The Child Development Center serves children of students, faculty, staff and the general public and is open weekdays from 6:45 a.m. to 6 p.m. The program philosophy is based on research showing that children learn best through play.  More information is available by calling 217.786.2450.

Fitness Center: Exercise equipment, health programs and more

Located in Cass Gym, the LLCC Fitness Center is designed to support the academic programs of Physical Education and the college’s well-student and well-employee programs.  The center offers coursework in basic fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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