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Parents, friends, partners and family members are encouraged to support their new students' success, by attending one of the Parent & Family Orientations.  

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Parents & Supporters of LLCC Students

Lincoln Land Community College is committed to the academic success and personal growth of our students. Attending college presents students with new experiences, opportunities and challenges.  College students learn to become more independent, better decision makers and to accept responsibility. We encourage you to allow your student to embrace these opportunities to develop skills necessary for transitioning into adulthood.  College can also present challenges which are not always easy for the student or parent. Students may struggle, you may not agree with all of their decisions, and they may not share as much with you as you would like or expect. This is normal behavior for a student transitioning into adulthood. 


Making the Transition from High School to College

We recognize that college represents a time of transition for you as a parent. You have likely been invested in your student's academic, personal and social development. K-12 school systems typically encourage active participation on the part of parents in their children's education.  You may have participated in PTA, attended parent/teacher conferences, and checked your student’s grades on the school system website. You may be used to managing many of their needs such as filling out forms or deciding what classes they should take.  However, when parents continue to make decisions or manage students’ responsibilities for them when they become college students, they may unwittingly send a message of, “I'm acting for you because I don't think you are competent to do so.”  Just as college presents students with the opportunity to become more independent, it is also an opportunity for parents to move from the role of manager to consultant, allowing students to work out problems for themselves, but being there and available to give advice and support as needed.

Allowing students to manage their own education does not mean that they will no longer need you. A student's needs will change throughout their quest for independence.  Your continued support is vital as they attempt to manage the academic and personal decisions involved in their college experience. They will need your advice and encouragement as they struggle with difficult situations and your love and support as they face disappointments. This will mean allowing your student to work through difficult situations with the faculty and staff at the college rather than intervening on his/her behalf. And because we expect this, the college is committed to your student's success.  To support that commitment, we provide services and resources designed to help students develop the skills necessary to manage the demands and challenges associated with college life. First-time degree or certificate-seeking students are required to attend New Student Orientation where they will be introduced to several of these resources and opportunities.  Your student should also read our College Catalog and the information on our website, and talk with counselors and faculty members to learn about college requirements, policies and procedures, and the wide array of learning opportunities both in and outside the classroom.  To be scheduled for the next New Student Orientation, your student must first have applied and met with an advisor.

At LLCC, students have the opportunity to become knowledgeable, mature, responsible adults, capable of managing the complex issues that the world presents them. By providing them guidance and allowing them to achieve greater levels of independence and self-reliance, students develop self-confidence and the skills necessary to ensure the attainment of their educational and personal goals as they transition into adulthood.

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