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Financial Aid Disbursement Information


Disbursement of Financial Aid

The dollar amounts listed on your award letter are generally based on full-time enrollment.  The amount of aid disbursed to your student account is based on your actual credit hour enrollment.  With the exception of Federal Work-Study, financial aid processed by the Financial Aid Office will automatically be disbursed to your student account.  The Finance Department will deduct incurred costs (tuition, fees, and other authorized charges such as books and supplies) from the financial aid that is credited to your account.  Any remaining financial aid is refunded to you. 

Classes must have met a minimum of three to four weeks before they will be counted in your credit hour enrollment.

The FIRST disbursements of the semester are:

Summer 2014    July 8, 2014

Fall 2014            October 3, 2014

Spring 2015        February 20, 2015

After the initial disbursement, refunds are issued on a monthly basis.

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