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Using your Financial Aid in the LLCC Bookstore


How to Buy Your Books and Supplies Using Your Financial Aid

If you are going to have financial aid funds left over after your tuition and fees have been paid, you can use them to "charge" your books in the LLCC Bookstore.  You can charge up to $25 in school supplies such as pens, pencils and paper.  Additional amounts can be charged if it is listed on your course syllabus as a requirement.  You will need your class schedule and a picture ID to purchase books. If you choose this option, we will deduct your tuition, fees AND book charges from your financial aid before we send you your Financial Aid refund.

You are not required to buy your books at the LLCC Bookstore; however, if you choose to buy them elsewhere, you will need to pay for your books up front and reimburse yourself when you receive your Financial Aid refund.  If you choose to reimburse yourself, your Financial Aid refund will be received about 60-90 days after the start of classes.

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