Lincoln Land Community College - Green Center
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On-Campus Green Building Projects

A number of green building projects currently underway at Lincoln Land Community College are designed to incorporate LEED principles and a variety of energy-saving features. The current projects include:

Workforce Careers center

Illustration of Workforce Careers Center

The new Workforce Careers Center is scheduled for completion in August 2011. LLCC is striving to obtain LEED Silver certification for the building. Planned features include:

  • Storm water drainage directed to an on-site retention pond
  • Building orientated to maximize the use of natural light for the building interior via large windows and clerestory windows in high bay spaces
  • Finishes low in volatile organic compounds (Low VOC) to enhance indoor air quality
  • Recycled-content carpeting and other materials, such as lay-in ceiling tiles
  • Exterior window systems made from thermally broken frame and tinted, insulated, low-emissivity glass to reduce glare and solar heat gain
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures in restrooms
  • High-efficiency heating, air condition, and ventilation systems designed in excess of the base ASHRAE 90.1 standards
  • Variable frequency drives on air conditioning units and pumps to reduce electrical consumption
  • A time-programmable, digital temperature control system to enhance energy efficiency

Sangamon/Menard Connecting Link

Also on campus, the Sangamon/Menard Connecting Link currently under construction features:

  • High-performance, low-emissivity glass on north- and south-facing window walls
  • Variable speed air handlers for the HVAC system
  • Energy-efficient T-5 lighting
  • Renewable cork flooring in main gathering areas
  • Recycled-content carpeting
  • Reuse of the existing bridge structure and current outside walls of Menard and Sangamon Hall to form East and West inside walls of the Link
  • Daylighting controls to reduce the need for operating artificial lighting during much of the day
  • White TPO roofing to limit heat gain and reduce mechanical loads for the Link

Taylorville classroom building

At the Taylorville Classroom Building, scheduled for completion in Fall 2011, the following features are being incorporated.

  • Building orientation to capture natural light
  • Limited east and west window placement
  • Sustainable landscaping
  • Storm water management
  • Cool roofing (with a white membrane)
  • Exterior air and moisture barrier
  • High R-value insulation
  • Tinted low-emissivity windows
  • Daylighting
  • Sunscreens and light shelves
  • Indirect energy-efficient lighting
  • Dimming ballasts and occupancy sensors for lighting
  • Geothermal heating and cooling system
  • Energy recovery ventilation system
  • Vestibules at all entires
  • Low-VOC carpet
  • High-performance ceiling tile
  • Efficiency equivalent to LEED Silver rating