Lincoln Land Community College - Green Center
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Recycling at Lincoln Land Community College

ELECTRONIC RECYCLING DRIVE -  BLH Recycling from April 22nd – May 3rd in the Workforce Careers Center -  Items Accepted:  Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet Computers,  LCD Monitors,  Printers (for large, office printers please contact your local store),  Computer Peripherals (keyboards, mice, etc.), LCD, DLP, LCoS, and Plasma Televisions,  Satellite and Cable Equipment, Projectors, VCRs, DVD Players,  Video Game Consoles, Radios, Speakers*, Cellular/Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, Telephones (including PBX equipment), Toner, Networking Equipment and Cables, Mailroom Equipment,  POS Equipment, Pagers, Cameras, Camcorders, Power Tools (including batteries), Fax Machines, Answering Machines,  Battery Backups and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS), Surge Suppressors and Power Strips, Power and Accessory Cables, Walkie-talkies, Vacuum Cleaners, Whole CRT Televisions, Projection Televisions, Whole CRT Monitors.