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About the Program

The Honors Program

The LLCC Honors Program provides unique educational experiences for
academically superior students in order to challenge, educate, and reward
them at a level consistent with their intellectual needs and abilities.
The Honors Program emphasizes critical thinking, greater student/teacher
interaction, in-depth reading and discussion, smaller classes, special study
facilities, and contact with other high ability students. All students who meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to participate.

Benefits to the Students

  • Priority Registration - Honors students are granted the privilege of registering as "priority students." Thus, Honors Students may enroll the same day as students with 45 hours of earned credit. This allows them to register approximately one week before open registration.

  • Special honors classes  * with low enrollments. Honors classes usually keep a faster pace, as well as more interaction between students, providing a rich, diverse classroom experience.

  • Honors Students have the opportunity to be assigned a mentor. Mentors are selected from the Honors Program Committee, faculty, and administrators who indicate interest in this service. If an Honor's student desires a mentor, he or she should contact the Honor's office and an assignment will be made.

  • Study Abroad opportunities. Students can study in a foreign country through  Honors Semesters sponsored by NCHC and through courses in the ICISP program.

  • Students may turn a regularly scheduled section of a course into an Honors course by contracting with the instructor to broaden the scope of the course with specially designed projects or activities and receive honors credit.

  • Honors course designation. Each Honors course is designated with a sign on your transcript .

  • Participation in the program. Honors students have a voice in the planning and direction of the Honors Program through the Honors Program Student Organization.

  • Students who complete the Honors Program have their transcript stamped with "Honors Program Graduate" to indicate successful Program completion.


* Students who are not members of the Honors Program may take one Honors Course. They are required to petition the Dean of Arts and Sciences for permission to enroll in the course.

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