Lincoln Land Community College provides each faculty and adjunct with an email account.  This email account is linked to your network account, so that both share the same username and password.

These email accounts provide access to Lincoln Land Community College's email, calendars, contacts and tasks.  All communication from the College (pay notices, announcements, communication from your students via Blackboard, union information) will be sent to your LLCC email address.  Faculty and adjunct are expected to check their LLCC email accounts on a regular basis.  ITS cannot provide support for non-LLCC email accounts.

All email is scanned for virus and spam content.  Please discard any unwanted spam emails.  

Lincoln Land Community College account passwords are set to expire every 180 days.  If you have not logged into your account or changed your password in the last 180 days you may be required to change your password.  Network accounts with non-expiring passwords are not allowed by College policy.  The use of Lincoln Land Community College network accounts is governed by Lincoln Land Community College Computer Acceptable Use Policy.

Accessing your Email

There are several options available for accessing your Lincoln Land Community College email account.

  1. Microsoft Office Outlook (Exchange mode) from a PC.  On campus desktop and laptop PCs, Outlook 2007 will apply your computer login credentials to auto-configure your Exchange email settings.
  2. Outlook Web Access (OWA) can be accessed from a web browser at  Internet Explorer 7+ provides the best experience for accessing your account using OWA.  OWA can be accessed via other web browsers, but with a reduced feature set.
  3. Faculty and adjuncts can access their email via their iPhone and other supported smartphones. For more information, please click the "Get Help" tab.

System Status

There are no current network or telephone problems or outages.