Office 365 Outlook Web App

To log into your LLCC student email, from the home page of, click on the E-Mail link in the upper right corner under Search LLCC.  Then select the Student Email Access Office 365 link on the right.

Enter your LLCC email address and then click on Sign in. Once clicking on Sign in the site will automatically redirect you to the Outlook Web App window.

Should you be prompted for additional log in authentication, please enter your LLCC User name and Password (Firefox and Safari prompts displayed).

Firefox and Safari

Your Inbox will display with all messages. Here you will have access to your Mail, Calendar and People (Contacts). 

Close your web browser to automatically log out of your email account.

When accessing your LLCC email account on campus, please make sure you are logged into the computer with your Office 365 account.  If you cannot log into a LLCC computer, such as a kiosk computer, using your Office 365 account and you see an error message (below), please use Firefox to access your student email account.

Office 365 Instructions

ITS has prepared some helpful information for you to use:

Mobile Setup Instructions

Signing In:

Your new email inbox comes with a convenient feature called Single Sign On (SSO). When you use an LLCC computer to access Outlook on Office 365 in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, the service signs you in automatically using the authentication credentials used when you initially logged into the computer. It is important that you log into LLCC computers using your own credentials. If you are using a kiosk computer or a public use computer that will not allow you to log in as yourself, please use the Firefox browser to access your email.

Signing Out:

SSO does not allow signing out by clicking on the upper right hand corner "Sign Out" option. Instead, simply close your web browser and log off of windows to end your email session.