BlackboardBlackboard is Lincoln Land Community College's online learning system.  If you have enrolled in an online (OL) or hybrid (OE) course, you will find your syllabus, readings, lecture notes, discussion boards, quizzes or grades in the Blackboard website for that course.  Many instructors who teach in a classroom also use Blackboard as a supplemental means of instruction.  Not every traditional class uses Blackboard, so ask your instructor if it is required for a class.

All Blackboard classes are made available on the first Monday of the semester.  Please read through the class syllabus and make sure you understand how your class (or classes) works.  Some classes are work at your own pace while others have weekly assignments, quizzes and tests with specific due dates.  It is your responsibility to understand how your class(es) work.  If you have any questions about your class structure, contact your instructor as soon as possible.  

All email communication is done through your Lincoln Land Community College email account.  We do not permit the use of personal (non-LLCC) email addresses within Blackboard.  

You must activate your LLCC account prior to being able to use Blackboard.  If you have activated your account and can access your LLCC email and WebAdvisor but not Blackboard, please contact Teri McDonough, Coordinator, Distance Education Services, at 217.786.2890 or

Using Blackboard

Logging in to Blackboard

  • To login to Blackboard, visit
  • Use your LLCC network account
    • For assistance with your network account, please click on the "Get Help" tab and then select "Email & Accounts" under students, faculty or staff for detailed instructions on activating your network account or resetting/changing your password.

Skills needed

  • A basic understanding of Windows or Mac computer
  • Ability to navigate the internet with a web browser
  • Ability to use word processing and other common software

Hardware and Browser Requirements

Blackboard supports a wide array of computer hardware and internet browsers.  A complete list of supported hardware and browsers along with a browser checking tool is available at

Technical Support for Blackboard

If you have questions or a technical problem with Blackboard, please contact the Instructional Technology and Distance Education (ITDE) office at 217.786.2890 or  In the event of technical difficulties, the following information should be provided to the Instructional Technology and Distance Education office so they may better assist you:

  • Web browser version
  • The course that you are trying to access
  • A detailed description of what led up to your problem
  • If an error message appears, fully copy/paste the error message into an email sent to

The Instructional Technology and Distance Education office is located in the lower level of the Library in Sangamon Hall.

Related Information

System Status

There are no current network or telephone problems or outages.