Printing at LLCC FAQs

Learn what you need to know about printing at LLCC in this FAQ guide.  If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ guide please contact the ITS Help Desk at 217.786.2555 or  

Open computer labs are located in the Flex Center (in Logan Hall) and in the LLCC Library (in Sangamon Hall).

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As printing demands have escalated, the cost of providing this service has skyrocketed. To help reduce the cost and waste, as well as promote effective printing practices, Lincoln Land Community College began testing a print management system called PaperCut. Beginning with the Spring 2013 semester, students will be allocated a print quota for the open labs located in the Flex Center (in Logan Hall) and Library (in Sangamon Hall). After reaching the quota, there will be a charge for additional printing in these areas. Students will be able to add value to their accounts either with a credit card, through a web gateway, or by using cash at one of the cash pay stations located in the Library or in the Computer Flex Center.

The printing conservation program will be in place beginning with the Spring 2013 semester.

All students and outside community members will be charged for printing in the open labs located in the Flex Center (Logan Hall) and the Library (Sangamon Hall).

Black & white printing is set to $0.05 per page.

Color printing is set to $0.35 per page.

Yes, each student will get $3.00 worth of credit to print in the open labs at the start of the semester.

The process of adding print credits to student accounts can be accomplished through either the online payment gateway, using a credit or debit card, or through adding cash at the pay and release stations in both the Library (in Sangamon Hall) or the Computer Flex Center (in Logan Hall).

Students should be able to access the online payment gateway directly from their workstation using the PaperCut client tool. This should take them directly to a secure website that allows the student to add value from a credit card or debit card. 

The cash payment option works in conjunction with the pay and release stations that are located in the Library and Flex Center. Once logged in to the release station, students can purchase credits by inserting cash into the attached coin and bill machine.

Your printing credits should be displayed to you in the PaperCut client tool when you log into a LLCC open lab student computer. When printing to the release stations in the Library and Flex Center, you will also be presented with a screen that displays your account balance.

No, the print conservation project is currently limited to printing in the open labs located in the Library and Flex Center on the main campus.

No refunds will be provided for unused print credits.

No, the existing print credits will expire at the end of the semester and new credit will be issued to returning students at the beginning of the next semester.

Users without a student account, who are accessing the LLCC network with a guest account, will need to print in the Library or Flex Center.  They will simply need to login to the pay and release station and pay for the jobs with cash through the bill and coin collection device attached to the printer.

Currently LLCC does not support wireless printing from personal devices.  Printing is only allowed from LLCC lab and classroom computers.

If you have any trouble adding value to your account or with any process involved with printing here at LLCC, please do not hesitate to contact the ITS Help Desk at 217.786.2555 or stop by the window located outside of the Library for assistance.

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