411 about ITS

The Information and Telecommunication Systems (ITS) department implements, maintains and supports academic and administrative information technology to advance the mission of the college. ITS makes sure a secure, reliable information technology infrastructure is in place. It provides innovative solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of college goals. It also provides timely, effective end-user support to resolve problems and provide assistance.


The mission of the ITS division is to work in partnership with faculty, staff and students of the Lincoln Land Community College community to meet their instructional and administrative computing needs.  To advance the Lincoln Land Community College institutional mission and strategic goals, we strive to empower our clients to effectively and responsibly utilize technology resources by providing excellent support services in a robust and secured Information Technology environment.  We will accomplish our mission by focusing on the following goals:

  • Cohesively working together as a team
  • Making internal and external communication a priority
  • Providing ample professional development opportunities to our staff
  • Keep our customers informed of, involved with and engaged in IT decisions
  • Keep abreast of innovation in various areas of information technology
  • Treat both our internal and external customers with respect
  • Respond to our customers in a timely fashion
  • Promote the lawful and ethical use of technology
  • Promote computer literacy and the use of computers to access information resources via training and web-based tutorials.


  • Help Desk
  • IT Administration
  • Systems and IT Infrastructure
  • Academic Computing and PC Support
  • Web Development
  • Colleague Support

System Status

There are no current network or telephone problems or outages.