Acceptable Use Policy

Lincoln Land Community College provides computing resources to support the instructional and academic research activities of the institution. These resources are intended for the sole use of Lincoln Land Community College employees, students and other authorized users. Computing resources include, but are not limited to, host computer systems, personal computers and workstations, communication networks, software, and data files. Lincoln Land Community College reserves the right to monitor its computing resources to protect the integrity of its computing systems and lab facilities. Accounts issued to individuals are intended for the sole use of only one individual and are non transferable. The account owner is responsible for all use of the assigned account.

The following types of activities are examples of behavior that is unacceptable and/or unethical and that in some cases may violate state or federal law:

  • altering system software or hardware configurations;
  • accessing another individual’s account, private files, or E mail without permission from the owner;
  • misrepresenting one’s identity in electronic communication;
  • violating copyright and/or software agreements;
  • unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing of copyrighted material;
  • violating rules or codes set by electronic services subscribed to by the college;
  • using computing or networking resources to threaten or harass others;
  • using computing or networking resources for commercial or profit-making purposes without written authorization from the president;
  • disobeying lab or system policies, procedures or protocol.

Information available through computer and network systems, including the Internet, may be distracting, objectionable, and even disturbing. Since computers may be visible or audible to others, sensitivity in viewing and listening to such material is requested. Computer users who disturb or distract others may be asked to stop their activities or leave the area.

System Status

There are no current network or telephone problems or outages.