ITS Board Policies

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Policy Statement: The College shall maintain an Information Technology environment that supports both academic and administrative computing in the following main areas.

  • Academic technologies that support classroom and online learning.
  • A secured and reliable wire and wireless networking environment that supports voice and data.
  • A robust and dependable administrative system to support the business operation related to Human Resources, Financials, and Student System.
  • Email and file servers, and other centralized computer system.
  • Web and portal services for both external and internal users.

Policy Statement: Many systems at Lincoln Land Community College require unique accounts and passwords. The rules and responsibilities described in this document apply to both the primary account and accounts in ALL other systems.

Policy Statement: Lincoln Land Community College provides computing (technology) resources to support the various activities of the institution. These resources are intended for the sole use of Lincoln Land employees, students and other authorized users. One may assert that an employee at Lincoln Land Community College is severely hindered if he or she lacks access to technology resources. Nevertheless, appropriate use of this access demands individual responsibility.

Policy Statement: The information owned by the College is one of its most valuable assets. It is the responsibility of all users to guard against misuse of this asset. Each person granted access to information must comply with the following College data security, confidentially requirements, and applicable laws.

Policy Statement: All information that resides on any Lincoln Land Community College technology resource is the property of Lincoln Land Community College, subordinate to recognized copyrights and legal statutes. Nonetheless, Lincoln Land Community College respects the privacy of the individual. College administrators or employees of Information and Telecommunication Systems do not ordinarily access the files created and stored by others. However, Lincoln Land Community College does reserve the right to do so.

Privacy must be balanced with the requirements of assuring system integrity or enforcing institutional policies. These necessities may result in Systems Administrator access to files with or without consent of the employee. In order to fully understand the scenarios by which this may occur, employees should familiarize themselves with the policy components below.

Policy Statement: Due to the architecture of the various technology resources, electronic stored information (ESI) may be retained in various locations, i.e., individual network storage, shared network storage, local storage, telecommunications devices, etc.

Retention of ESI is subject to the Local Records Act and ESI constituting a local record under that Act shall be retained for the periods provided for by the Local Records Commission.

LLCC currently has in place a back-up system that operates nightly to back up or save ESI on its system. Such ESI is saved for approximately three months, though such time period is governed by available space and may be longer or shorter depending on space used. Only ESI located in individual and shared network storage will be routinely back up by ITS. Back-ups are to be used for system recovery purposes only.  ESI located on portable devices or local storage will not be backed up. Users are responsible for backing up files stored in local drives.

Users who have a need to save information for a longer period and in a more accessible manner should save such information in individual network storage. Users should contact the Help Desk ( for assistance.

System Status

There are no current network or telephone problems or outages.