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 These are some of the courses being offered for dual credit.


ABM 106

Farm Management

ACC 100

Introduction to Accounting

ACT 100

Architectural Drafting Principles

AFO 106

Agribusiness Management

AGR 101

Introduction to Agricultural Economics

AGR 208

Introduction to Agricultural Mechanics

ARH 101

Basic Refrigeration

ARH 207

Sheet Metal Fabrication and System Design

AUB 101

Basic Auto Body Repair

AUB 102

Auto Body Metal Finishing

AUB 103

Glass Service and Accessories

AUT 101

Fundamentals of Automotive Technologies

AUT 106

Brake Systems

BDM 102

Introduction to Construction Occupations

BDM 106

Basic Carpentry I

BIO 101

General Biology

BIO 104

Life in the Environment

BIO 175


BIO 176


BIO 220


BUS 101

Business Law I

BUS 121

Introduction to Business Organization

BUS 125


BUS 126

Fundamentals of E-Business

BUS 127

E-Business Strategy

BUS 202

Principals of Marketing

BUS 204


CAD 151

Fundamentals of Computer-Aided Drafting

CAS 103

Computer Concepts

CAS 104

Introduction to Microsoft Word

CAS 106

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

CAS 107

Introduction to Microsoft Access

CAS 108

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

CAS 121

Computer Systems and Business Applications

CAS 130

Word Processing Applications (MS Word)

CAS 140

Spreadsheet Applications (MS Excel)

CAS 150

Database Applications (MS Access)

CAS 160

Presentation Graphics and Email Applications (MS Powerpoint and MS Outlook)

CAS 224

Desktop Publishing

CHE 100

Contemporary Chemistry

CMN 101

Public Speaking Fundamentals

CMT 101

Hair Cutting

CNC 110

Cisco Academy Semester I

CNC 115

Cisco Academy Discovery I

CNC 120

Cisco Academy Semester II

CNC 125

Cisco Academy Discovery II

COM 104

Career Communications I

COM 105

Career Communications II

CPC 115

Computer Programming Concepts

CPC 120

C++ Programming Level I

CSC 175

Computer Science I

CTC 125

Cisco IT Essentials I

CTC 135

Cisco IT Essentials II

ELT 100

Basic Electronics

EMS 101

Emergency Medical Technician - Basic

ESI 101

Employability Skills

FLM 101

Intro to Film Art

HIS 101

History of Western Civilization I

HIS 102

History of Western Civilization II

HIS 111

United State History to 1877

HIS 112

United States History Since 1877

HLT 109

Medical Terminology

HLT 200

First Aid

HRT 100

Careers in the Horticulture Industry

HRT 102

Plant Science

HRT 103

Turf Management

HRT 106

Soils and Fertilizers

HRT 207

Landscape Construction

HRT 215

Landscape Design I

HSP 107

Food Service Sanitation

HSP 110

Hospitality and Tourism Industries

HSP 120

Hospitality Internship I

LIT 111

Introduction to Literature:  Novels

LIT 113

Intro to the Film as Literature

MAT 113

College Algebra

MAT 130

Calculus for Business and Social Science

MAT 131

Calculus and Analytic Geometry I

MAT 141

Introductory Statistics

MUS 104

Music Appreciation

NAS 101

Basic Nurse Assistant

PHY 101

General Physics I

PHY 102

General Physics II

POS 101

Introduction to American Politics

PSY 101

Introduction to Psychology

SPA 101

Elementary Spanish I

SPA 102

Elementary Spanish II

TEM 103

Vocational-Technical Math

THE 110

Theatre Practice Seminar

WEL 101

Basic Metal Arc and Oxyacetylene Welding

WEL 103

Advanced Metal Arc Welding




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