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Q:  Where can I find some national trend reports on higher education?

A:  Use the following link to locate a number of reports that might be of interest to parents, students, and other educational entities

Q:  What processes are in place to ensure students are getting a college course in high school?

A:  The Illinois Community College Board is responsible for the oversight and review of dual credit programs in community colleges in Illinois.  Under Public Act 096-0194, the Dual Credit Quality Act defines dual credit courses and describes the purpose of the Act.  For more detailed information visit

Q:  What are the rules for implementing dual credit at a local high school?

A:  The implementation of dual credit at local high schools is based on the Dual Credit Quality Act of Illinois and Administrative Guidelines from the Illinois Community College Board.  Here is some additional information:  Dual Credit Quality Act of Illinois and ICCB Administrative Rules.  

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