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CAS Helpful Handouts

Helpful Handouts




General Orientation
Using the Online VARK Questionnaire
Course Information Checklist
Course Information Sheet
Note-taking Guide for ESL Students
Location of Services
Questionnaire for Probation Students

Why wasn't I told?
Your Study Area Checklist

Syllabus Reading 101
Essential Skills for Workers
Choices of Successful Students
Study Area Analysis
About Academic Survival Skills
High School to College Transistion 
Back-to-School Tips from Project Fresh Start
Why Do a Course Analysis?

Transitioning to LLCC
How Do I Get the Most Out of My Appointment with an Academic Success Professional?
Transitioning Back into LLCC After a Leave of Absence 


Lecture: Notetaking and Listening
Assess Your Notetaking Skills
Lecture Notes Checklist
Lecture Notetaking Analysis Record
Lecture Notetaking Problem Checklist
Notetaking for PowerPoint Lectures
Self-Evaluation of Notes Checklist
Notetaking Signal Words
Hints for Taking Effective Lecture Notes
Notetaking Techniques - Two Column Approach
Cornell Notetaking System
Cornell Notetaking Sample
Free, Downloadable Cornell paper
Listening Effectively

The Art of Listening

Are You a Good Listener?

Reading Techniques
Guide for More Effective Use of Textbooks
Learning Your Textbook Material 
Guidelines for Pre-reading
Clues to What's Important 
Know Your Textbook
Reading Scientific and Technical Material
Reading - Adjusting Speed
Reading - How to Compute Words Per Minute
The Anatomy of Questioning
SQ4R Reading-Study Technique
SQ4R Progress Checklist


Oral Reports
Relaxing the Body
Getting Your Assignments Right
Studying Literature and Drama
Stress Management
Seize the Moment

Time Management
You've Got the Time  & Weekly Planning Schedule
Weekly Planning Calendar
Importance of Scheduling Study Time
Procrastination Can be Complicated
Actual Study Time
Daily Tasks
Exam Scheduling
Short-Term Goal Planning
Time Analysis Sheet
Weekly Time Summary 
Daily Things to Do 
Planning Your Work Week

Scheduling - Self Analysis
Test Your Assumptions
Time Allocations
Time Analysis Worksheet
Time Management Checklist
Time Management Self-Evaluation
When Time Controls You
Suggested Guidelines for Working Students
Notes on Planning a Schedule
Time Management Tips



General Survey of Study Skills
How Good a Student Are You? - Quiz
How Good a Student Are You? - Answers
Study Habits Checklist
Behaviors of a Successful Student

Ten Timely Tips

Learning Theory 
Characteristics of Successful Students
Learning Style Assessment

Characteristics of Learning Styles
Learning Strategies Checklist

How to Learn Skills Faster
How to Use Some Facts About Your Brain
Cognitive Style Mapping
Thinking Skills
What is Logic?
Stages of the Learning Process
Stages of Problem Solving
How to Study a Foreign Language
Increasing Creativity


How to Learn a Word
Memory - General Suggestions
Suggested Memory Aids
The Three Kinds of Memory
Memory Improvement

Memory: Samples of Memory Devices

Memory Facts

Memory Principles: A Quick Guide

Achievement Strategies
Decision Making Process
Motivaton for College
The Power of Goal Setting
Rate of Attendance
Samples of Self-Talk for Taking Responsibility for Yourself
Positive Self-Talk for Freedom from Worry

Studying Math and Science
Guide for Math Word Problem Solving
How to Read Math Texts
Eight Steps to Success with Word Problems
How to Study Math
Possible Remedies for Typical Math Errors
Math Signal Words
PGR - Problem - Guided - Reading
Tips on How to Study Math
How to Succeed in Math Courses
Study Skills for Chemistry Students
Be an Active Student in Math and Science
Developing Thinking Skills for Nursing
Study Skills Inventory for Nursing

Studying Science & Technology
Fundamentals of Studying from Science Labs
The Art of Studying Science

Test Taking
Exercise in Key Words
Exercise in Key Words (answers) 
Reduce Text Anxiety
Test Taking Guide
General Tips for Taking Standardized Tests 
General Tips on Test Taking
Test Taking Without Fear
The Helm Strategy
Test Taking Personalities
Test Anxiety
Multiple Choice Testing

Preparing for and Taking Essay Exams in Literature


Book Critique
Am I Plagiarizing?
Taking Notes for Research Papers
Writing a Research Paper
Keeping a Personal Journal
Literary Critiques
Writing a Research Report
Developing Vocabulary
Guide to Editing, Re-writing and Polishing a Paper
Final Checklist After Editing a Paper
Writing with Clarity
Developing your Writing Style
MLA Documentation Style Sheet
APA Documentation Style Sheet


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