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CSS 100 online option

Become a master student and learn college level study skills from the comfort of your own home through this CSS 100-OL course!

Topics covered include:

  • An orientation to online learning
  • Making the transition from high school to higher education
  • First steps - learning how you learn best
  • Time management skills
  • Procrastination vs. Motivation 
  • Reading college level textbooks
  • Taking effective notes
  • Making effective memory cues
  • Successful test taking strategies
  • Library resources 
  • Critical thinking concepts
  • Effective communication skills
  • Basic financial management
  • Healthy living 
  • Managing relationships
  • What's next? - Making plans for the future!

What former students are saying about CSS 100-OL:

  • This class will help you learn how to use study skills in other courses.  It helped me learn new techniques.

  • This is a good course to help your GPA.

  • The instructor will get back with you ASAP and that made the class much easier. 

  • I can’t wait to start using some of these techniques!

  • I think it’s a great course for new students who would like to get a head start on their fall semester and gain new study skills.

  • I got something out of each chapter. The creativity put into this course made it fun to do the assignments.

  • I am a new student after 28 works, this course pushed me hard, it also made me believe that I could be that master student. 

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