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Welcome to the Learning Lab. Your Partner in Learning!


What students are saying about us...

"The staff are very helpful."

"If you don't understand something when you come down here, you will when you leave."

"Everyone I work with listens to what I say and tries to help me learn in the best way I can."


Location: Sangamon Hall, Lower Level (beneath the library) 

Hours:  Please visit individual Learning Lab service pages for a listing of hours for a particular service.


Our mission:

The LLCC Learning Lab strives to provide a coordinated and accessible array of services to promote individual learning and enhance in-class performance, with the intent of engaging students in their personal success.


What's going on now in the Learning Lab?


Memory is a 3-step process of:

1) Input (data)

2) Storage (classifying, memorizing)

3) Output (recall)

Input and storage must be improved before one can expect increased effectiveness.

Input rules for memory improvement:

A. Eliminate distractions for optimum input. (Turn off the cell phone, Ipod, TV)

B. Space out memorization tasks to keep data clearly organized.

C. Study memorization tasks just prior to sleep.

D. Break up memory tasks into small, manageable groups of 5 items or less.

E. Develop a memory system.

Keep in mind that there are several types of memory.

Kinesthetic memory stores memory of physical movement and how the body performs acts such as riding a bike or throwing a ball.

Emotional memory stores memory of emotional experiences such as guilt, grief, or love.

Visual memory stores memory of what something looks like such as a favorite dress, or a special photograph.

Auditory memory stores memory of certain sounds such as a familiar voice or a favorite song.

Use a variety of senses while studying. The more senses you involve, the better your memory will be of that information!


FREE services available through the LLCC Learning Lab include:

  • Make-up testing for classroom, online and hybrid courses (a place where students can make-up a test that was missed in class; coordinated with your instructors)
  • Math Center (experienced math faculty and tutors available to provide you with walk-in help for any LLCC math course) 
  • Peer Tutoring (highly trained peer tutors available to provide you with individualized content help for most LLCC courses) 
  • Personal Counseling (licensed, professional available to help you with personal or stress management issues) 
  • Science Center (experienced science faculty and tutors available to provide you with walk-in help  for LLCC science courses) 
  • Special Needs Services (supportive services for our special needs student population) 
  • Academic Success Professionals (experienced professionals available to help you with individualized study skills help, applicable to any course) 
  • Supplemental Instruction and Study Groups (small guided group study sessions) 
  • Writing Center (professional, individualized writing assistance for any LLCC course) 
  • Workshops and Seminars (learn about our Smart Start Seminars and other free workshops covering a variety of academic topics) 



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