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Non-Traditional (gender) Education and Employment

Have you ever wanted to take the road less traveled? 

Do you see yourself more individualistic than conformist? 
Have you ever wanted to break down gender barriers and prove to yourself and others that just because you are female/male doesn’t mean you can’t do _______________ (fill in the blank)? 
Are you tired of feeling limited by your sex/gender?
Then "step out of the box" and consider nontraditional education and employment. 
What is Non-Traditional Education and Employment?
When we think about the various professions and occupations, many seem to be predominantly male or predominantly female. To be nontraditional for gender means that you are a female in a predominantly male profession or you are a male in a predominantly female profession. 

Many people can immediately think of male nurses and female construction workers as nontraditional examples, but there are wide varieties of nontraditional career options people can explore. Please use the links to examine and explore the most recent list of nontraditional careers for both men and women

Would you like more information about nontraditional education? Please see the links provided on this page or visit LLCC's New Look Project web site to see how we have been actively involved in nontraditional education and employment.


Why Choose Non-Traditional Education and Employment?

Nontraditional careers often offer opportunities that traditional careers do not.

One of the greatest benefits of nontraditional careers is higher pay, especially for women, who work in nontraditional careers. Women in nontraditional careers earn 20-30% more money than women in traditional careers.
Career advancement is another huge benefit to selecting a nontraditional career. When you are a nontraditional gender you are able to move up the career ladder quickly which allows you to make more money and receive more generous benefits such as better working environment, better hours, more paid time off etcetera. 
Often choosing a nontraditional career will lead to better job satisfaction because you are following your true interests and abilities rather than trying to “fit in” with what society or family believe to be an acceptable career based on your gender.
Here’s another great benefit:
If you are a nontraditional student at LLCC and you recieve financial aid, you may qualify for additional financial assistance!!!  Visit the Perkins Grant web page to see if you qualify!!
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