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Perkins Grant Information



Do you receive financial aid but still need financial assistance? 

You may qualify for additional funding under the Carl D. Perkins Grant!  


Perkins Grant Application Form

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Perkins Grant FAQ's

1. What is the Perkins Grant?

  • A portion of funding available through the Carl D. Perkins Grant, that is designated for students enrolled in occupational courses at the college level.

2. Who is it for?

  • The Perkins Grant is intended for students enrolled in occupational courses who also are considered economically disadvantaged.

3. Do I qualify for the Perkins Grant?

  • Are you enrolled in an occupational course (certificate, licensure, or applied science area)?  If you are unsure contact Jamie at 786-2845, Linda at 786-2828, or an academic advisor.
  • Are you receiving financial aid?
  • Did you have a taxable income last year of $20,000 or less?
  • If you responded “YES” to bullets 1 & 2 or 1 & 3 then you should qualify for the Perkins Grant.

4. Who decides who recieves money and how is it decided?

  • The Perkins Coordinator gathers applications on a first come first serve basis from students who are receiving financial aid (WIA, Pell Grant, etc) OR students who have a taxable income of less than $20,000 last year as indicated on their tax return.

5. Do I have to pay the money back, like a loan?

  • NO, this is a grant not a loan so you are not obligated to pay the money back.

6. Will this grant affect my financial aid for next year?

  • No receiving the Perkins Grant money for your occupational course will not impact financial aid for the next year.

7. If my application is approved, is there a maximum dollar amount that I can recieve?

  • This is determined on an individual basis by the Perkins Coordinator but typically does not exceed $300.00 per person.

8.  If my application is approved, how long does it take to receive the money?

  •  Approximately 10-12 business days, but it also depends on when you turn in your application.

9. Will I recieve the Perkins Grant in the form of cash, check, or financial credit for books, etc.?

  • A check will be mailed to your home address that is registered in the college database. Please be sure your information is up to date so that the check is mailed to the correct address.

10. What does the Perkins Grant pay for?

  • Perkins Grant can reimburse you for “tools” you are required to purchase for your occupational class.  Examples of such items are uniforms including shoes, stethoscopes, timers, knives, mechanics tools, thermometers, watches, etc.

11. Is there anything the Perkins Grant will not cover?

  • The Perkins Grant will not cover “normal” college costs of tuition, fees, and textbooks.  The Perkins Grant will not cover personal items such as physicals and immunizations for healthcare classes.

12. Can I apply more than once for the Perkins Grant?

  • You can apply 1 time each semester.

13. Do I need to purchase the items before applying for the Perkins Grant or will I be given the money for the items I need before I purchase them?

  • The Perkins Grant works on a reimbursement basis.  This means you must purchase all your materials, uniforms, tools etc., and turn in all your itemized receipts with your Perkins Grant Application.  Be sure all parts of the application are completed including instructor’s signature and financial aid worker’s signature or proof of financial need (income tax statement). A check will be issued as a reimbursement for your purchase. You may not be reimbursed for the entire amount.

14. What if I don't graduate or pass my class for which the money was granted?

  • You may be required to return the money or equipment if the class was not successfully completed.
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