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Information for Parents


How Parents Can Help

·      Remember that college is the student’s primary job and encourage them to treat it as such. Also help the student remind their friends of this and plan time for social activities.


·      Make sure your student has an appropriate study area. This area should be distraction-free with plenty of light, a smooth work surface for books and writing, an easily accessible filing system for organizing class materials, and a comfortable chair that will allow the student to use the work surface.


·      Encourage the student to make an appointment with the Special Needs Office as early as possible to discuss accommodations.


·      Make sure the student has recent, appropriate documentation of her/his disability for the Special Needs Office including a psychological report with subtest scores, individualized education program (IEP), and any documents from physicians or other medical personnel regarding the student’s disability.


·      Encourage the student to visit the Special Needs Office and/or schedule an appointment with an Academic Success Professional the first week of classes for assistance in organizing and planning for a successful learning experience.


·      Remind the student to check her/his grades frequently during the semester and be aware of her/his status in all classes at all times. Students often ask for help after it is too late.

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