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Becoming a Note Provider


How to be a Note Provider - an Overview

Did you receive an email stating you are eligible to be a note provider?  Follow these steps.

  1. review the note providers responsibilities
  2. read the LLCC online PowerPoint training (These will help provide you with answers to some of your questions).
  3. contact Elaine Higgason (786-2869) if you are interested in being a note provider
  4. If you are chosen as a note provider then complete the
    1. application form (found below)
    2. agreement form (found below)
    3. PepNet online note-taker training (found below)
  5. turn the completed forms and the certificate of completion from PepNet into the Accessibilities Services Office in Sangamon Hall

If you are interested in becoming a note provider  and have not been contacted? follow the steps below.

  1. review the preferred qualifications, note provider responsibilities, and LLCC online training. 
  2. Still interested???? take a copy of your class schedule to Elaine Higgason in the Accessibilities Services Office in Sangamon Hall each semester you are interested in being a note provider 

***You may not be needed each semester, but please keep trying as our needs are dictated by students and change every semester***

Our classes with the greatest need include:  introductory core classes such as BIO 101, PSY 101, SOC 101, POS 101, CHE 100/101, SPE 101


Preferred Qualifications for Note Providers

  • 12 hours of college level coursework completed
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Agree to participate in ongoing training as needed
  • agree to provide notes as outlined in the note provider agreement form

NOTE: These are preferred qualifications. If you are interested but do not meet all these requirements please feel free to contact the Accessibilities Office.  There are times when note providers are needed and utilized in classes where students do not meet these qualifications.


Note Provider Responsibilities

§  Note providers must take legible notes during each class section and label first page of notes with the class name and date.

§  Note providers are responsible for writing what the instructor is saying including answers to pertinent questions asked and details of any assignments or tests.

§  After each class session, note providers must email or scan and email their notes to the student and the Accessibilities Services Office.

§  Note providers must complete  all paperwork including but not limited to the note provider agreement form, the accessibilities services application form, and the certificate of completion of the PepNet online note-taker training before payment will commence.


Note Provider Application, Training, and Agreement Form

Please read the PowerPoint presentation created by the LLCC Accessibilities Services Office. This PowerPoint provides further information about note providers such as the benefits of being a note provider, specific responsibilities, and the types of students you may provide notes to.  This PowerPoint also serves as one piece of the mandatory note provider training.

If you have been chosen to be a note provider please review both the LLCC PowerPoint training and the PepNet Notetaker Training.  At the end of the online training, please print the certificate of completion along with the completed application (found below) and signed Note Provider Agreement (found below) to the Accessibility Services Office in Sangamon Hall.  

Notetaking Resources

    * Please note the links provided are NOT Lincoln Land resources and your web browser will be connected to an outside source. Lincoln Land and employees of Lincoln Land are not responsible for outside sources to be up to date or accurate.  These resources should only be utilized in a professional manner.


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