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Upcoming Events 

Paul Simon Essay Contest

It's time to start working on your Paul Simon essay submissions! Write a 500-word essay explaining how your community college has changed your life for a chance to win up to $500 toward your education expenses. See the attached flyer for more information.


National Grammar Day

March 4, 2014


International Writing Centers Week
February 10–14, 2014

Show your love for the Writing Center during International Writing Centers Week by contributing to the collaborative narrative on our story wall Monday, February 10 - Friday, February 14. The top three contributions to the story will win gift certificates to the LLCC bookstore, and the final version of the story will be published here. 

International Writing Centers Week 2013

Congratulations to the winners of our collaborative story contest. Read the full story below.

The Procrastinator

It was the best of semesters; it was the worst of semesters. A weary student sat staring at a blank computer screen in the Writing Center, wondering how this assignment would get started much less finished. (Writing Center Staff)

By some miracle, a brainstorm hit him. He began a devious plan to start this assignment. The all hell broke loose. The storm came out of him.  The thunderous clap of grammar. The lightning of ideas. And the deluge of words. The Writing Center began to flood. (M. Young /1st Place)

Books were flying off the shelves; then, he realized he was going to need some help getting organized, so he called on the Writing Center staff. “References! We need more references, and we are going to need Mary over here to work on your sentence structure!” called out Tiffany. Then Jason yells, “Hey! Where did you get these sources? Are they reliable? Are they current?” (Kip Horton)

But before Jason could finish his questions, and army of outraged librarians burst into the room, shouting for silence to be restored. The weary student joined in the debate, arguing that he had the right to speak as loudly as he wanted under the First Amendment. Suddenly a constitutional lawyer from Boston slammed through the doors carrying Jefferson’s final draft in his arms. (Grant Wilson / 3rd Place)

As the big Boston lawyer began to spew jargon regarding the Constitution of the United States and Jefferson’s final draft, Jason quickly remembered his assignment was merely an explication of “Our Constitution” by Joy Rainey King. The assignment was given in LIT 110 – Intro to Poetry taught by Mr. David Leitner. Jason didn’t need the big Boston lawyer’s help; he just needed to use the book he got for class from the bookstore and read how to do his assignment correctly. (Ashti Dawson / 2nd Place)

He did this at a nice round table nearest to the windows in the Writing Center. The gentle sunlight soothed Jason’s frazzled nerves, and he began to read the assignment instructions. He then took thorough notes  while he read the reading selection from the assigned book. (Heather Schroeder)

Jason finished his assignment in the nick of time and resolved to never procrastinate again and to seek help in the Writing Center early and often. (Writing Center Staff)

International Writing Centers Week 2010

Students celebrate International Writing Centers Week by expressing their love for the Writing Center on our graffiti wall.

Writing Center staff Tiffany Elliott (left) and Lisa Avendano (right) pose for a picture for The Lamp's article on International Writing Centers Week.


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