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ID / Library Card

Student ID/ Library Cards
  1. Students may obtain an ID/Library Card by presenting a photo ID and a current class schedule at the Library Circulation Desk. The Library makes IDs anytime during regular operating hours.
  2. Student ID/Library Cards are good for a period of three years.
  3. Replacement cards carry a $10.00 fee, regardless of circumstance. However, if the card has expired, there will be no charge for a new card.
  4. Students must present their ID/Library Card to check out any item from the Library. This includes all items on Course Reserve.
  5. Students may have no more than 15 items charged to their account. 
  6. The Student is responsible for all items charged to their ID/Library Card. It is the students’ responsibility to alert the Library if their card is lost, missing, or stolen.

Note: Patron is responsible for informing the Library of any changes to the patron's name and/or address.

 Faculty and Staff ID/ Library Cards

Lincoln Land Community College Employees may obtain an ID/Library card by presenting a photo ID at the Library Circulation Desk. The Library makes IDs anytime during regular operating hours. 


Employees that have an ID/Library Card may use the card to check out items from the Library’s collection, which include the following items: books (circulation period of 28 days, with four sequential renewals for an additional 112 days), CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes (circulation period of one week, with one renewal for an additional week). If you need an item longer than the assigned period, please speak with a member of the Circulation Staff in order to make appropriate arrangements.


Employees and students alike are subject to the same Fee structure regarding overdue items. When an item is overdue for a period of 28 days, the system automatically applies a Lost Item Status to the item. When this occurs, the system adds both a Lost Item Replacement Fee (replacement cost of the item) and a Lost Item Processing Fee ($10.00) to the patron’s record for each item. Once a patron returns the item, the Library will forgive the Lost Item Replacement Fee; however, all patrons remain responsible for cost of the Lost Item Processing Fee ($10.00 per item).       


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