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Steps to Enrollment


Steps to Enrollment & College Resources

Steps to Enrollment:

Admissions: Admissions process and services

You will find all the information needed to navigate the admissions process from this site. Information is provided in multiple formats depending your educational plans. Links to all admissions-related services, applicable forms and staff contact information are provided.


Placement: Placement testing services and hours

Placement testing is required for most new students in order to enhance the opportunity for academic success. Placement testing helps determine the appropriate starting point for your student in English, mathematics and reading. As a result of appropriate placement, you will have a better chance of successfully completing their courses and finishing their degree or certificate.


Advising: Advising and counseling services

Academic advisors are here to help you select appropriate classes for their educational plans/needs. Advisors provide valuable assistance for students planning to transfer, obtain an associate degree, or complete a certificate program. Proper advising helps you select the classes needed and assist with the many questions about academics at LLCC. Student development professionals (counselors) are available to provide assistance with career and personal development decisions and personal counseling. If you are experiencing stress, time management issues, difficulties dealing with family dynamics or relationship issues, our professionals can provide valuable counseling services at no charge.


New Student Orientation

Orientation is the first stepping-stone in your transition to Lincoln Land Community College. During your orientation program, you will have the opportunity to register for your courses, meet current and incoming Lincoln Land students, connect with LLCC staff, learn about support services and much more. If you cannot attend a face-to-face orientation session, you may be able to attend an online session.



Students must be admitted to LLCC before registering. All outstanding debts (tuition, library, fees, etc.) or other "holds" (suspension, academic problems, etc.) must be cleared prior to registration. Students are responsible for observing all course prerequisites and other restrictions when registering.


Additional College Resources:

Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office is responsible for administering traditional federal and state financial aid programs including grants, loans, and work-study.


Tuition and Fees

Variable tuition rates for online or hybrid sections (OL, OE, HY) will be applied per credit hour, in addition to the standard in-district tuition rate.


Tuition Plan

If you want to create a tuition payment agreement, please sign into your WebAdvisor account. Under Students, you will find the FACTS tuition payment plan. Click that link and create your payment agreement from there.



You can pick up books at the LLCC Bookstore in the lower level of Menard Hall on the Springfield Campus, purchase your books at one of our Educational Service Areas in Beardstown, Jacksonville, Litchfield or Taylorville one week prior to your first class if you are taking the class there, or you can order your books online and have your books either delivered to your home or arrange to pick them up at one of our five locations across our district.



Connecting to LLCC Library resources is as easy as clicking a link! Just login using your LLCC UserID and Password. This is the same username and password that you use for your LLCC email account, Blackboard, WebAdvisor, MyLLCC Portal, and all campus-based network resources. You should be able to access LLCC Library resources from any location. For more information on accessing library resources off campus, refer to the Off Campus Users tab on the LLCC Library webpage:


Center for Academic Success (formerly Learning Lab)

The Center for Academic Success strives to provide a coordinated and accessible array of services to promote individual learning and enhance in-class performance, with the intent of engaging students in their personal success.

Study Skills Videos -


Computer Flex Center

The Computer Flex Center is located in Logan Hall, Room 1140. During the fall and spring semesters the Flex Center is open 8 a.m. - 9 p.m., Monday through Friday when the college is in session . During the summer semester the Flex Center is open 8 a.m. - 9 p.m., Monday through Thursday when the college is in session. Services offered by the Computer Flex Center include:

Activating your LLCC account
Blackboard skills
LLCC email skills
Assistance with OL\OE classes
Basic to advanced computing assistance
Assistance with various applications
Online computerized exam proctoring
"Helpful hints" with computer hardware and software
Open Lab offering:
‣ CD\DVD Burners
‣ Scanners
‣ iMac Computer


Blackboard Support

The LLCC Blackboard Support Center is here to provide you with on-demand support to common questions on the use of Blackboard at Lincoln Land Community College.


Information and Telecommunication Systems (ITS) Services for Students

The Helpdesk can assist you if you are having trouble accessing your LLCC account.


Students Rights and Responsibilities

The Student Code of Conduct has been established to maintain order on campus and to guarantee the broadest range of freedom for all who come to learn at the college.

Each student is responsible for knowledge of and compliance with this Student Code of Conduct. The College further recognizes each student’s rights to fair procedures, including notice which specifies the alleged violation(s) of the Code of Conduct, an opportunity to respond to the allegations, and an appeal process appropriate to the nature and potential consequences of the violation.

The Vice President of Student Services Office has responsibility for the Student Code of Conduct.

Students shall have all the rights and privileges provided by federal, state and local statute or rule, including but not limited to freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of assembly. (Board Policy 5.4)


Education Services Areas

To better serve students off campus, Lincoln Land Community College offers classes and services at key locations throughout its district through education service areas (ESA). ESA locations include Beardstown, Hillsboro, Jacksonville, Litchfield and Taylorville. Online students can go to the ESAs for a variety of services, including test proctoring.


Veterans Affairs

Lincoln Land Community College welcomes all of our enlisted personnel and veterans to the college. We are here and dedicated to helping your experience be the best it can be. Our online step-by-step guide will map the way for you.


Accessibility Services Office (formerly Special Needs Office)

The Accessibility Services Office exists to ensure that your student is provided reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations upon your student's request while enrolled in LLCC courses. Eligibility for free academic accommodations is secured through your student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Plan implemented in high school and as a compensatory strategy assessment administered by the special needs professional. All records and services for your student are kept confidential. Accommodations are designed on an individual basis to not only level the academic learning field, but also to help your student understand his or her strengths and capabilities.


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